Motor Vehicle Collision Investigation Reconstruction

This is the third in the three course MVCI series. The Reconstruction course is a comprehensive two week - 80 hour course, held Monday through Friday, 8AM - 5PM. This course deals with the technical procedures for reconstructing motor vehicle collisions.

Included topics are:

The reconstruction process which examines the approach to reconstructing a collision, how to determine the issues to be addressed and a methodology for evaluating evidence and data. The investigator is taught to review and evaluate the reliability, sensitivity and limitations of the data. The formulas utilized in the reconstruction process and taught throughout the first two courses are derived. Concepts of work and kinetic energy are covered as well as the conservation of energy.

The unique characteristics of articulated and large vehicles as well as motorcycles and the respective nuances of braking for such vehicles are covered. Topics on human factors dealing with witness reliability, perception response and evasive actions are discussed. Occupant and pedestrian injury patterns in relation to vehicle motion and damage are covered in lecture and case studies of occupant kinematics. Speed from damage or crush and related formulas are included along with limitations of the analysis of data.

Expert testimony and report writing are covered in classroom lecture and class participation activities. Conservation of Linear Momentum is revisited through numerous case studies and classroom projects. Sensitivity studies are an integral part of the analysis. Computers and their application to reconstruction analysis relating to CAD, crush analysis, animation and other applications are covered in an overview. Use of total stations are covered in a field exercise and overview.

There are a series of case studies to be completed by all students working in pairs and switching roles as lead investigator. These cases are presented and defended in the classroom. The final exam consists of a 6 hour exam at the conclusion of the course.